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A shell script to obtain (encrypted) passwords from `~/.passwords/` for use in
other shell scripts that require passwords (like `msmtp`, `vdirsyncer`,
`mbsync`/`isync`, `fetchmail`, etc.etc)
To put a password in place you could read it in and encrypt it like this:
$ read -s ; export REPLY; echo $REPLY | gpg -o ~/.passwords/super-secret.asc -e ; unset REPLY
If you don’t have a default recipient defined in your `~/.gnupg/gpg.conf` you
have to give the `-r` parameter to encrypt the file for yourself.
To query the password now, run with the password name as the
$ super-secret
If you don’t have a password by that name, the script will invoke pinentry and
ask you for it.
Requirements: bash, gpg, pinentry
Convenience wrapper to mount SSH connections to your home directory. Works
like this:
$ sshmount
$ cd ~/mnt/ssh/
To unmount you can either unmount by server or just bluntly unmount all:
$ sshmount -u
$ sshmount -u -a
Requirements: fusermount, sshfs
A shell script that will create a QR code based on what you have on your X11
clipboard (i.e. what you just selected with your mouse)
Requirements: xclip, qrencode, imagemagick
Shell script to sign, verify, or decrypt messages from your clipboard and show
the result in a dialog window.
To verify the (clear-signed) message on your clipboard:
$ gpgclip verify
To sign (clear-sign) the message on your clipboard:
$ gpgclip sign
To decrypt the content on the clipboard:
$ gpgclip decrypt
Requirements: xclip, gpg, zenity, notify-send
A convenient wrapper to find TODOs in various source files in the current and
all subdirectories.
In this version it will look in `js`, `css`, `py`, `c`, `h`, and `cpp` files.
The script will ignore any files inside `venv` folders, because you probably
don’t care about TODOs of libraries that you use as a dependency.
Requirements: grep, find, xargs
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